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Give light to your project

Each of our creations is the result of meticulous work on the selection of materials and attention to detail. Immerse yourself in our universe of colors, shapes and textures.

Browse our catalog and be inspired by the infinite possibilities that Le Luci Artigiane can offer to illuminate and transform your spaces.

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Light, style and design. Without limits.

Craftsmanship and innovation

Le Luci Artigiane is an artisan workshop. We produce lamps, lanterns, decor using mainly brass. We are artisans aware that the best product is offered by combining manual skill with the technology that the new millennium is offering us.

For this reason we have invested in research & development and digital tools that help us better communicate our mission.

Tuscan inspiration

We believe that it is no coincidence that our brand was born right in the heart of Tuscany, which has always been the cradle of cultural transformations and home of world history of art and beauty.

Tuscany is a point of reference for Italian beauty and cultural richness throughout the world. We are grateful to be able to develop our business right here.

Brass is music

In our projects the main material is brass.
This metal has very ancient origins and people from all over the world have celebrated it by creating objects with precious meaning.

The art of music has discovered its infinite qualities by creating various types of wind instruments. The latter were the true protagonists of the musical works and this detail inspired us in the design of our lamps.
An example? Discover Opera Prima, whose name is inspired by Puccini, born in Lucca, like us.

Collezione Terra

Terra è una collezione limited edition composta da sottopiatti e sottobicchieri realizzati in ottone e rame, il cui design peculiare si basa su affascinanti lavorazioni che combinano processi di ossidazione e cottura di queste leghe.

Questa linea si distingue per la sua capacità di aggiungere un tocco di raffinatezza e originalità in modo senza pari, trasformando qualsiasi ambiente in uno spazio unico e distintivo.

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Light, style and design. Without limits.

Light and atmosphere


Opera Prima is the brass table lamp, wireless and rechargeable, capable of making the most sophisticated environments shine.
The light source is LED adjustable in three light intensities.

Opera Prima


Customizable interior

Rechargeable LED light

Burnished brass


Who works with his hands is a worker. Anyone who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. Anyone who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.

Saint Francesco of Assisi


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