Opera Prima

The handmade, brass and wireless lamp capable of making your rooms shine.



Opera Prima owes its name to the Tuscan cradle that gave rise to the brand: Lucca . The city is famous throughout the world for its architecture and cultural and artistic excellence.

An example? The composer Giacomo Puccini is considered one of the greatest and most significant opera composers of all time.

Opera Prima is inspired by Puccini's operas and more generally by music in which brass has always had a primary role.

Opera Prima is


Opera Prima is a brass lamp/lantern. This material traditionally used to make furnishing accessories offers hardness , corrosion resistance and flexibility , all ideal characteristics for indoor but also outdoor lighting. And let's face it, it's extremely beautiful !


Opera Prima has a LED light source dimmable in three intensities . This will allow you to have a bulb with a longer life cycle as well as having an adjustable light intensity according to your needs. The light autonomy of the lamp is 8 hours if used at the lowest intensity, 6 hours for the intermediate one, 4 hours for the highest one.


Opera Prima is a lamp that likes movement because it is wireless . It also wants to encompass your creativity , your memories, your being and gives you the opportunity to personalize it with what you like most.
You can bring it to illuminate summer dinners outdoors or indoors without needing a nearby socket .


We care about our planet. This is why, starting from the packaging, Opera Prima is made up of materials made to last over time. One metric to measure sustainability is life cycle. The shorter it is, the more serious the environmental impact will be. Here is in detail why our materials are sustainable:


It has a life cycle 14 times longer and consumes 80% less than normal light bulbs


Objects made of this material are almost eternal even with simple maintenance


Glass is a sustainable material:
it can be recycled and reused countless times


The wireless table lamp capable of containing your ideas and your memories. And brighten everyone's smile!

How does it work

You open

After taking the lamp out of the package, open the lamp by pulling out the hat via the bayonet opening


Insert what best represents your creativity inside the glass vase. An example? Sand, dried flowers, etc.

light on

Choose the level of lighting (from bright light to soft light) by pressing the button on the hat.

Live it!

Here we are! Bring your lamp to the table or wherever you prefer and amaze all your friends!


Frequent questions

Do you need inspiration?

Here is our decor kit consisting of:

  • 250 g of very clear and extra fine natural sand.
  • Natural dried flowers in shades of beige and yellow.

Light, style and design. Without limits.

Light up your evenings anywhere and with anyone. Do you want your first work?
Hurry, Opera Prima is a limited edition, secure yours.